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Related Data Collections:

120 Color Lunar NIR Spectrophotometry.
Near-infrared spectra (0.6 - 2.6 micrometers) for small lunar areas (3-20 Km) acquired using a CVF spectrometer at Mauna Kea.

Apollo 16 standard soil spectrum: 62231

Lunar Soil Characterization Consortium (LSCC) soil spectra
Bidirectional reflectance spectra (0.3 to 2.6 µm) for a representative suite of lunar mare soils and their size separates.

Adams, diffuse reflectance (0.35-2.5 microns) of Lunar Samples.
Directional hemispheric (diffuse) reflectance spectra of lunar samples measured by John B. Adams. These data were acquired using a Beckman Dk-2A, using both gold and smoked MgO as standards, during the 1970's.

Gaffey, diffuse reflectance (0.35-2.5 microns) of Meteorites.
These spectra were acquired as directional hemispheric spectra using the Adams Beckman Dk-2A.

Klima et al., Synthetic Pyroxene Spectral Database
Bidirectional reflectance spectra of a suite of synthetic pyroxenes (synthesized by Don Lindsley).

Isaacson et al., Lunar Rock and Mineral Characterization (LRMCC) Database
Coordinated mineralogy/petrography/spectroscopy data for a suite of lunar basalt samples.

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