Bidirectional reflectance spectra for lunar soils
Lunar Soil Characterization Consortium (LSCC)

Description of the data (0.3 - 2.6 μm)

All spectra were obtained at i=30 degrees, e=0 degrees.
There are an image file and a data file for each soil measured by the LSCC.
Click on the image file for a larger version.
Each data file contains reflectance factor spectra for all soil size fractions and a standard deviation measurement for each data point, where appropriate.
Each data file contains a header line followed by nine entries of tab-delimited reflectance data (as text): Wavelength, soil <10 micrometers, standard deviation, soil 10-20 micrometers, standard deviation, soil 20-45 micrometers, standard deviation, bulk soil <45 micrometers, standard deviation (some standard deviation fields are empty).

For measurement and analysis details, see discussion in:

The Lunar Soil Characterization Consortium (LSCC) has also performed detailed chemistry and modal abundance analyses on each of these samples.
This compositional data can be found here

Mare Data Files:

10084 12001 12030

15041 15071 70181

71061 71501 79221

Apollo 14 Data Files:

14141 14163

14259 14260

Apollo 16 Data Files:

61141 61221 62231

64801 67461 67481