Personal information areas

This page is an index of areas specific to individuals within the Planetary Group, where they exist.

For a reasonably current group photo, see the personnel document.


  • James W. Head
  • John Mustard
  • Carle Pieters
  • Peter Schultz
  • Research and Technical Staff:

  • Lynn Carlson
  • Anne C. Cote
  • William Fripp
  • Peter Neivert
  • Steve Pratt
  • Research Associates:

  • Harald Hiesinger
  • Takahiro Hiroi
  • Visiting Researchers:

    Graduate Students:

    Administrative Staff:

  • Nancy Christy
  • Debbie Glavin
  • Dorcas Metcalf
  • Nancy Picard

  • Email access: Most Planetary Group people can be addressed through Brown University's mail facility, by using an address of the form

    For example,

    You can also try directly addressing people using the first eight (8) letters of their last name, at host
    See the example page for instructions on setting up your own area here (restricted to Planetary folks only).