Microsymposium 31 Workshop on "Water on Mars"

March 11-12, 2000, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, USA

Saturday, March 11, 2000: 1:00 PM-5:30 PM
Talks are 15 minutes each, with 5 minutes additional time for discussion, and discussion periods.

Introduction and overview:

1:00 PM Alexander Basilevsky and Jim Head: 'Water on Mars: Outstanding problems and new opportunities'

Polar and Circumpolar Deposits:

1:15 PM Kate Fishbaugh: 'Nature and origin of circumpolar deposits in the north polar regions: Evidence for polar recession'

1:35 PM Jim Head: 'Nature of Hesperian-aged circumpolar deposits in the south polar regions: Implications for the former distribution of south polar deposits'

1:55 PM Asmin Pathare: 'Enhanced ice flow at high martian obliquity: A rheological model of the polar layered deposits.'

2:15-2:45 PM
Discussion: Outstanding Problems in the analysis of polar and circumpolar deposits:

Ponds, Lakes, and Oceans?:

2:45 PM Nathalie Cabrol: 'Crater lakes and what we learn from them'

3:05 PM Jim Rice: 'Cold climate shoreline processes and valley networks'

3:25 PM Misha Ivanov: 'Topographic distribution of outflow channel termini in Chryse Planitia'

3:45 PM Bill Hartmann and Jen Grier: 'Possible evidence for water and permafrost interaction from deformed craters seen by Mars Global Surveyor'

4:05 PM Jim Dohm: 'Pulses of Magmatic Activity through Time: Potential Triggers for Climatic Variations on Mars'

4:25 PM Alan Howard: 'Simulating landform evolution on the ancient cratered terrain.'

4:45 PM C. C. Reese, V. S. Solomatov and J. R. Baumgradner, 'Impacts, mantle convection, and geoid: Implications for the evolution of shorelines on Mars.'

4:45-5:30 PM
Discussion: Outstanding Problems in the analysis of channels, ponds, lakes and oceans:

5:30 PM-6:30 PM - Reception, poster viewing, and further discussion.


Harald Hiesinger: Characterization and origin of giant polygons in Utopia Planitia Mars: Results from MOLA and MOC.'

Bruce Banerdt: 'Surface Drainage Patterns from MOLA Topography Data'.

Harald Hisesinger: 'Morphologic and topographic characteristics of the Argyre Basin, Mars.'

Alexander Basilevsky: 'Moprphology of the APXS analyzed rocks at the Pathfinder site: Implications for thier weathering rate and distance of transportation.'

Mikhail Kreslavsky: 'Topographic and slope characteristics of the northern lowlands and the Vastitas Borealis Formation.'

Sunday, March 12, 2000: 8:30 AM-12:30 PM.

8:30 AM
Introduction and overview: The importance of chronology and models for the martian hydrologic cycle. Michael Carr, Chair.

Invited talks: Each talk is 30 minutes, including discussion, with some additional discussion periods.


8:45 AM Boris Ivanov: 'Moon-Mars cratering rate comparison'.

The Martian Hydrologic Cycle:

9:15 AM Steve Clifford: 'The martian hydrologic cycle"

9:45 AM Tim Parker (with Steve Clifford and Bruce Banerdt): 'Argyre Basin and the Mars Global hydrologic cycle'.

10: 15 AM Victor Baker 'The MEGAOUTFLO Hypothesis: Ancient Oceans, Glaciers, and Hydrological Cycling on Mars'

10:45-11:10 AM
General Discussion: The hydrologic cycle: Michael Carr, Discussion leader.

Contributed Talks: Each talk is about 15 minutes each,with 5 minutes for discussion, and discussion at the endof the session.

11:10 AM G. Dreibus and others: 'Possible indication of sedimentary origin of the Mars Pathfinder APX analyzed rocks.'

11:30 AM Jeff Moore and Don Wilhelms: 'Evidence for Lacustrine Deposition on the Floor of Hellas'

11:50 AM David Wynn-Williams, 'Antarctic analogs of potential water-based cyanobacterial habitats on Mars.'

12:10 PM
General Discussion: Water on Mars: Michael Carr, Jim Head, and Sasha Basilevsky, Discussion leaders.

Adjourn: 12:30 PM: