Microsymposium 31 Workshop on "Water on Mars"

March 11-12, 2000, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas, USA

Water is one of the most fundamental aspects of the geological history of Mars. Data from the Mars Global Surveyor Mission has put new emphasis on many questions related to the formation, state, reservoirs, and history of emplacement of water on Mars. Thus, it is an opportune time to examine some of the basic ideas about the role of water in the geologic history of Mars and how these new data relate to these questions. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for presentation and extensive discussion of many of the key questions about water on Mars. As in the past, the workshop format ensures ample time for informal discussion of many of these issues. Themes of the workshop include the mode of formation of valley networks, the nature and timing of outflow channels, assessment of evidence for ponds, lakes and oceans, the nature and evolution of recent and ancient polar deposits, and the martian hydrologic cycle.

The structure of the workshop includes several keynote presentations which will identify critical assumptions and key findings that are central to these themes, and this will provide the basis for detailed discussion by workshop participants on these topics. Contributed posters will provide detailed presentations and discussion of data on which the summary talks are based.

The workshop will take place at the Lunar and Planetary Institute Saturday afternoon, beginning at 1 PM, and Sunday Morning. If you would like to attend and make a presentation or participate in discussion, please return the form by reply. Summaries of LPSC presentatons and LPSC posters are welcomed as there will be ample time for focused discussion at the workshop.

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