Semester I, 2013-2014
G Hour (MWF 2:00-2:50)

MacMillan Hall 115
Prof. Jim Head


Will Vaughan (grad)

Lincoln Field 119
Students with Last Name Beginning with A - J
Office Hours: Monday and Friday 11am-12pm

Cell Phone: 847-280-0341

David Weiss (grad)
Lincoln Field 117
Students with Last Name Beginning with K - Z
Tuesday 2:30-4:30 PM; Thursday 2:30-3:30 PM

Cell Phone: 240-426-4616

Maria Hernandez (undergrad)
Lincoln Field 109
Thursday 7-9 PM or by appointment
(Lincoln Field is locked after 5PM, so call her cell phone - 224-772-4017)


Informed and Informal Class Notes from a 2012 Geo 50 Student


Course Information:

  Course Goals (pdf file)

  Syllabus (pdf file)

  Reading List (pdf file)

  Course Organization - Tests & Exercises (pdf file)

Course Announcements:

September 5, 2013 (pdf file)

For those of you who celebrated the recent holidays or joined class late, the first two Geo 50 lectures were video-recorded and put on the Canvas site

The Friday night LADEE launch to the Moon was successful!

All work in this Course is subject to the Academic Code



 Earth's Dynamic Systems

  Exploring The Planets 


Exercise 1: Google Earth

Google Earth .kmz file for Exercise 1


Exercise 2: Lunar Evolution & Apollo Exploration

Google Earth .kmz file for Exercise 2


Exercise 3: Examination of Lunar Samples

Lunar Samples Lab Handout for Exercise 3


GEO50 Pre-Midterm Slides


Exercise 4: Viewing Mars from Orbit

Google Earth .kmz file for Exercise 4

Exercise 5: Venus Geology and its Interpretation