Geological Sciences 287: Planetary Geology Evolution

Outer Planet Satellites: The Galilean Satellites Example

Class Notes:

Class 1: Overview of the Galilean and outer planet satellites.
Class 2: Satellite accretion; structure, properties and chemistry of ices.
Class 3: Orbital evolution and tidal heating.
Class 4: Satellite thermal evolution and interior processes.
Class 5: Io: Geology, volcanic processes and evolution.
Class 6: Impact cratering on icy satellites: Processes.
Class 7: Impact cratering on icy satellites: Processes (continued) and History.
Class 8: Ganymede and Callisto: Formation and evolution of dark terrain.
Class 9: Ganymede: Ice volcanism and emplacement of bright terrain
Class 10: Ganymede: Grooved terrain characteristics, formation and evolution
Class 11: Resurfacing, band formation, and tidal stresses
Class12: Geologic evolution, surface, and interior structure
Outstanding Questions About the Galilean Satellites for Final Discussion
Ganymede Mapping Images

Louise Prockter's Handout on IO for Friday Feb. 16
Bob Pappalardo's Handout for Friday Feb. 16
Seminar Outline for Friday
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