Ganymede & Callisto Thermal evolution
Zuber & Parmentier/ Kirk & Stevenson

  1. What role does thermal evolution play in determining the surface of Ganymede?


  2. The features

    Bright terrain

    Callisto vs Ganymede

  3. Thermal models

    Possible models include expansion due to differentiation, covective upwelling due to a core-mantle boundary of silicate/liquid water, convective overturn of a water mantle and radioactive decay

    Model 1: An undifferentiated, or differentiated Ganymede has a radiogenic heat source


    Model 2: A partly differentiated Ganymede has a GWO (a Ganymedean Water Ocean) that, when frozen, creates a heat pulse of convection cells, driven by the difference in entropy between ice I and the higher-pressure polymorphs


  4. Putting it together--or not!

    Major problems with any model include