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General Reading List

See Lecture Schedule for links to lecture pages and associated assigned readings for each class.

Basilevsky et al. (2014) The surface geology and geomorphology of Phobos. (Click here to download)

Blinova et al (2014) Testing Tagish Lake meteorite Pt1. Click here to download

Burns (1992) ContradictoryClues_Phobos (Click here to download).

Citron et al (2015) Formation of Phobos and Deimos via a giant impact. (Click here to download)

Craddock (2011) Are Phobos and Deimos the result of a giant impact? (Click here to download)

Cristou et al (2014) The meteoroid environment and impacts on Phobos. (Click here to download)

Duxbury et al (2014) Spacecraft exploration of Phobos and Deimos. (Click here to download)

Fraeman et al (2012J Analysis of disk-resolved OMEGA and CRISM spectral observations of Phobos and Deimos. (Click here to download)

Fraeman et al (2014) Spectral absorptions on Phobos and Deimos in the visible near infrared wavelengths and their compositional constraints. (Click here to download)

Grun et al (2011) The lunar dust environment. (Click here to download)

Horanyi et al (2015) A permanent, asymmetric dust cloud around the Moon. (Click here to download)

Hurford et al (submitted for publication) Tidal Disruption of Phobos as the Cause of Surface Fractures. (Click here to download)

Ivanov (2001) Mars-Moon cratering Rate ratios estimates. (Click here to download)

Jacobson and Lainey (2014) Martian satellite orbits and ephemerides. (Click here to download)

Karachevtseva et al (2014) The Phobos information system. (Click here to download)

Landis (2007) Materials refining on the Moon. (Click here to download)

Murchie et al. (2014) The value of Phobos sample return. (Click here to download)

Murchie et al (2015) Phobos and Deimos. (Click here to download the paper. Click here for color plate 16)

Murray and Heggie (2014) Character and origin of Phobos’ grooves. (Click here to download)

Neukum and Ivanov (1994) Crater Size Distributions and Impact Probabilities on Earth from Lunar, Terrestrial-planet, and Asteroid Cratering Data. (Click here to view online)

Nichols (1993) Volatile products from carbonaceous asteroids. (Click here to download)

Oberst et al (2014) The Phobos geodetic control point network and rotation model. (Click here to download)

Oberst et al (2014) Why Study Phobos and Deimos. An Introduction to the Special Issue. (Click here to download)

Pascu et al (2014) History of telescopic observations of the Martian satellites. (Click here to download)

Patzold et al (2014) Phobos: Observed bulk properties. (Click here to download)

Peale and Canup (2015) Origin of the Natural Satellites (Click here to download)

Pettit (1985) Fractional distillation in a lunar environment. (Click here to download)

Pieters et al. (2000) Space weathering on airless bodies. (Click here to download)

Pieters et al. (2012) Space weathering on Vesta. (Click here to download)

Pieters et al. (2014) Composition of Surface Materials on the Moons of Mars. (Click here to download)

Poppe et al (2012) Effect of Surface Topography on the Lunar Photoelectron Sheath and Electrostatic Dust Transport. (Click here to download)

Ramsley and Head (2015) The Stickney Crater ejecta secondary impact crater spike on Phobos: Implications for the age of Stickney and the surface of Phobos. (Click here to download the paper; here to download figures; and here to download SOM "desynchronization" calculations.)

Rosenblatt and Charnoz (2012) On the Formation of the Martian Moons from a circum-Martian accretion disk. (Click here to download)

Sautter et al (2015) Evidence for continental crust on Mars. Click here to download

Scheeres et al ( 2010) Scaling forces to asteroid surfaces - The role of cohesion. Click here to download.

Scheeres ( 2012) Small Planetary Satellites - Deimos. Click here to download.

Schmedemann et al. (2014) The age of Phobos and its largest crater - Stickney. (Click here to download)

Thomas et al (1979) Grooves on Phobos - Their distribution, morphology, and possible origin. (Click here to download)

Wahlisch et al (2014) Phobos and Deimos cartography. (Click here to download)

Willner et al (2014) Phobos' shape and topography models. (Click here to download)

Wilson and Head (2014) Groove formation on Phobos: Testing the Stickney ejecta emplacement model for a subset of the groove population. (Click here to download).

Witasse et al (2014) Mars Express investigations of Phobos and Deimos. (Click here to download)

Zakharov et al (2014) Dust at the Martian moons and in the circummartian space. (Click here to download)