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Sept 14

Introduction [discovery, physical properties, orbit…]

Dan Britt

Sept 21

The Age and Cratering History of Phobos.

Nico Schmedemann

Sept 28

The Formation & Effects of Stickney Impact on Phobos.

Ken Ramsley

Oct 5

The Character and Origin of Phobos’ Grooves.

John Murray

Oct 12

Ambiguity of Compositional Data for Phobos and Deimos.

A. Rivkin &
R. Klima

Oct 19

Geology and Geomorphology of Phobos and Deimos.

Sasha Basilevsky

Oct 26

Origin of Phobos: Dynamical Evolution

Joe Burns

Nov 2

Origin of Phobos: Co-accretion, Big Impact and Issues.

Robin Canup

Nov 9

Microgravity within the Mars Gravity Well.

Dan Scheeres

Nov 16

Properties of Meteorite Analogues.

Chris Herd

Nov 23

Space Weathering and Regolith, Dust.

C. Pieters &
M. Horanyi

Nov 30

Phobos-Deimos ISRU.

P. Metzer &
R. Mueller

Dec 7

Phobos as an Exploration Destination and a Base for Mars Exploration.

Mike Gernhardt

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