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Dan Scheeres

Dr. Daniel J. Scheeres received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1992 with a focus on celestial mechanics. Following a 5 year stint at JPL in their Navigation section and professorships at Iowa State University and the University of Michigan, Scheeres joined the University of Colorado's Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences faculty in 2008 where he heads the Celestial and Spaceflight Mechanics Laboratory. Originally on the navigation and mission design side of asteroids, over the years Scheeres has made his way over to the science side motivated by questions that required in-depth knowledge about the properties and geophysics of asteroids. Instead of waiting around for someone else to tackle these scientific inquiries, he decided to explore them himself and has been actively engaged in asteroid science since. While Scheeres’ research spans diverse topics related to celestial mechanics and dynamics, a primary focus of his research is focused on the mechanics of asteroids and comets, with applications to planetary and asteroid missions. Currently, Scheeres is serving as the Radio Science Lead and Co-Investigator for NASA’s OSIRIS REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission.