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Ken Ramsley

Kenneth R. Ramsley received his Sc.M. in Geological Sciences from Brown University in 2013 and is currently a planetary geosciences researcher and spacecraft systems engineer at Brown. Prior to his work at Brown, Mr. Ramsley served as chief engineer for electronics and software at AeroAstro, Inc. of Ashburn, VA, a maker of space satellites and related subsystem components. In the Department of Earth, Environment and Planetary Sciences at Brown, Mr. Ramsley studies the nature of small solar system bodies with a focus on the moons of Mars and the fate of crater ejecta from impacts on planetary surfaces throughout the solar system. In the school of Engineering, Mr. Ramsley teaches and mentors on topics that are related to spacecraft systems design, electronics, orbital mechanics, and the engineering aspects of the space radiation environment. Mr. Ramsley's engineering career spans multiple consumer, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries including significant design content for seven Earth-orbiting satellites.