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John Murray

Dr. John B. Murray joined the Open University in 1989, continuing his long term studies of active volcanoes, and as a Co-Investigator on the ESA Mars Express H.R.S.C. Camera Experiment he studies the planet Mars and its Moon Phobos. Dr. Murray began his career in 1967 at the Lunar Laboratory of the University of London Observatory, where he studied the Moon and developed methods of remotely determining geological units, their origins, superposition relations and dates ahead of the Apollo landings. After Apollo, he continued working on the Moon and planets, being directly involved in the Mariner 10 mission to Mercury (1972-74) and the Viking missions to Mars (1976-77). He also continued his work on active volcanoes on Earth, particularly Mt Etna, and began a long term study in 1975, making detailed measurements twice a year of the slow changes in shape before, during and after its frequent eruptions, including his successful prediction of the 1983 Mt Etna eruption a year before it occurred.