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Horányi, Mihály

Dr. Mihály Horányi received his Ph.D. from in Space Physics from the Loránd Eötvös University, in Budapest, Hungary in 1982. Dr. Horányi held research positions at the Central Research Institute for Physics, Budapest from 1982-1984, at the University of Michigan in 1985, at Florida State University from 1985-1989, and at the University of Arizona from 1989 to 1992. He joined the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in 1992, and the Physics Department in 1999 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research interest focuses on the theoretical and experimental investigations of space and laboratory complex (dusty) plasmas, and include electrodynamic processes and their role in the origin and evolution of the solar system, comets, planetary rings, and plasma surface interactions. His research involves dust charging, in situ and remote observations of dust, dusty plasma laboratory experiments, and space hardware development. He served as the principal investigator of the Student Dust Counter (SDC) onboard New Horizons to Pluto, the Cosmic Dust Experiment (CDE) onboard the AIM mission, and the Lunar Dust Experiment (LDEX) onboard LADEE. Prof. Horányi is the author of over 220 scientific papers, and is a Fellow of both the American Physical Society and the American Geophysical Union.