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Joe Burns

Joe Burns (B.S. Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, ’62; Ph.D. Cornell ’66, space mechanics) is the I.P.Church Professor of Engineering and Professor of Astronomy at Cornell). Teaching courses in mechanics, astronomy, celestial mechanics, and applied math, he won the Cowie Teaching Prize in 2010. He was Vice Provost of Physical Sciences and Engineering (2003-07), and is Dean of the University Faculty (2012-16). Joe has spent leaves at NASA:Goddard, NASA:Ames, USSR Geophysics Institute, Paris Observatory, Berkeley, Arizona, Santa Barbara, British Columbia and Cambridge. He edited Planetary Satellites (1977), Satellites (1986) and Icarus (1979-1997). Joe currently sits on Science’s Board of Reviewing Editors. He chaired the DPS and the DDA divisions of AAS and was its Vice President; he led COMPLEX and served on the Space Studies Board for six years. Dr. Burns has been on the Galileo and Cassini imaging teams. His current research concerns dynamical studies of planetary rings, natural satellites and the small bodies of the solar system (dust, comets and asteroids). He is co-authoring an introductory celestial mechanics textbook. His show of Cassini images was exhibited in ten cities including Washington’s National Air & Space Museum and New York’s American Museum of Natural History.