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Sasha Basilevsky

Dr. Alexander T. Basilevsky is the Senior Scientist and Chief of the Laboratory of Comparative Planetology of the Vernadsky Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1975-present) and a visiting professor at Brown University (1994-present). Dr. Basilevsky received his Ph.D. (1968) in Geochemistry and his Sc.D. (1986) in Geochemistry and Planetary Science from the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences, and his Professorship in Geochemistry (2007) from the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. In addition to numerous guest teaching appointments, Dr. Basilevsky has conducted research as a guest scientist at the Department of Astronomy, Oulu University, the Max-Planck Institute of Solar System Research, and the Free University of Berlin. Dr. Basilevsky's is currently supporting the Luna Glob / Resource missions in the areas of landing site selection and characterization, and preparations for the in-situ study programs. His space mission involvement and support has also included preparations for the Phobos-Grunt mission (Russia), Mars Express (ESA), Mars Odyssey, Magellan, Voyager/Neptune encounter (USA), Venera and Vega missions to Venus, Lunokhod 1, 2 and Luna 16, 20, 24 to the Moon (USSR), and the selection of landing sites for the planned Soviet manned expedition to the Moon. Dr. Basilevsky is the author of several studies on the nature of Phobos geology and the survival times of boulders on airless bodies.