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Sept 28, 2015

Lecturer: Ken Ramsley [bio], Brown University

Topic: The Formation and the Effects of the Stickney Impact on Phobos.

Key Questions:

Recommended Readings:

Schmedemann et al. (2014) The age of Phobos and its largest crater - Stickney. (Click here to download)

Wilson and Head (2014) Groove formation on Phobos: Testing the Stickney ejecta emplacement model for a subset of the groove population. (Click here to download).

Ramsley and Head (2015) The Stickney Crater ejecta secondary impact crater spike on Phobos: Implications for the age of Stickney and the surface of Phobos. (Click here to download the paper; here to download figures; and here to download "desynchronization" calculations.)

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