Class Schedule


CLASS SCHEDULE Semester II - 1999/2000

Week 1 - February 3 (Thursday): Introduction to Planetary Volcanism: Earth 1: Thesis: "The volcanological record of the Earth is dominated by plate tectonics and has been essentially the same throughout Earth history."

The plate tectonic system and associated volcanic styles; the importance of thermal evolution and predictions of changes with time (Regular lecture).

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Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (EV):
-Melting the mantle: 55. -Plate Tectonics and Volcanism: 89. -Basaltic volcanoes and volcanic systems: 283. -Lava flows and flow fields: 291. -Lava domes and coulees: 307. Lava fountains and their products: 321. Basaltic volcanic fields: 331.

Week 2 - February 8th (Tuesday): Earth 2: Thesis: "Large volcanic outpourings in the past history of Earth have had a profound influence on the atmosphere and the biota."

Week 3 - February 15th (Tuesday):
Moon 1: Brian Kortz and Uli Koehler

Thesis: "Volcanic eruption styles on the Moon are essentially the same as those on Earth, but just rearranged a little differently because of the lack of plate tectonics."

HEAD J. W. (1976) Lunar volcanism in space and time. Rev. Geophys. Space Phys. 14, 265-300.

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Encyclopedia of Volcanoes:
-Volcanism on the Moon: 697

Week of February 21: Holiday, no class:

Week 4 - February 29th (Tuesday): Moon 2: Thesis: "The wide range of lunar eruption styles can be easily explained as the near-surface manifestation of dikes emplaced from below the crust and lithosphere."

Week 5 - March 9th (Thursday): Mars 1:
Thesis: "The Tharsis volcanic edifices have been incorrectly interpreted as basaltic shield volcanoes and are more likely composite volcanoes (stratovolcanoes)."

March 14: LPSC, no class:

Week 6 - March 21st (Tuesday): Mars 2:
Thesis: "The presence of andesites proves the existence of plate tectonics in the past history of Mars."

March 28: Spring Recess, no class:

Week 7 - April 4th (Tuesday): Mars 3.
Thesis: "Gigantic plumes associated with Tharsis created a thermal pulse that released the groundwater that formed the outflow channels."

Week 8 - April 11th (Tuesday): Venus 1:
Thesis: "The sequence of volcanic styles on Venus are best explained by vertical crustal accretion and mantle overturn."

Week 9 - April 20th (Thursday): Venus 2: Thesis: "Enhanced effusive volcanic activity on Venus altered the atmosphere sufficiently to influence tectonic deformation style."

Week 10 - April 25th: Complete work on term papers.

Week 11 - May 2nd (Tuesday): Mercury:
Thesis: "The lack of volcanic landforms on Mercury means that basaltic volcanism has not been an important process in its thermal evolution."

Week 12 - May 9th (Tuesday): Term paper presentations and synthesis.