Jessica Cohen

Volcanology Paper Topic

General Idea: A detailed re-evaluation of the basalts present in the Flamsteed region of the Moon has not been conducted since the advent of Clementine data. I propose to re-examine this area in light of the new information. My examination will focus on two aspects of the basalts: 1) identification and spectral consideration of the previously identified young basalts (HDSA and hDSA), and 2) determination of basalt thickness using new data. This study will attempt to explore this region and supply the community with a new view of what is really there, using an integration of numerous techniques.

1. Introduction

2. Discussion of previous mapping efforts 3. Discussion of spectral techniques applied to young basalts (Staid, 2000) 4. Discussion of basalt thickness measurement techniques 5. Summary of Results - integration of thickness and spectral data

6. Conclusions and further work