Brian Kortz

GE 286-Planetary Volcanology: Morphologic diversities of small shields on Venus: Implications for their origin.

-What is the full range of morphologies of the small shields on Venus? Are they mostly similar shapes?
-What do different morphologies suggest about the origin of the small shields? Are the origins all the same? What does that suggest about whether the small shields represent a global stratigraphic layer? -What are the possible explanations for morphologic diversity? Age, pyroclastics, viscosity, composition, etc.? -Why is there an apparent lack of lava flows associated with the small shields?
-Can we compare them to features on Earth, such as the Icelandic small shields?

-Choose at random a population of small shields from geographically widespread areas over Venus.
-Examine their morphologies using existing inferences and techniques from previous papers (Aubele and Slyuta, 1990, Garvin and Williams, 1990). -Use radarclinometry on Magellan data to determine their morphologies. -Calculate their overall characteristics such as: average height, basal diameter, slope, shape, summit pits, etc. -Compare their characteristics to features on Earth