GEOL 2810 Planetary Science Seminar


“The Crater to Basin Transition on the Moon and Mercury”


M 3:00-5:20 • Spring, 2015 • Lincoln Field 105



Background: Stöffler et al. (2006) - New Views of the Moon, Chapter 5


Class 1: January 26:  Introduction to the class, including questions/topics to be addressed and recent spacecraft data available for the Moon and Mercury.


Class 2: February 2:  Using craters and basins as probes into a planetary body.



            1. Wieczorek and Phillips (1999)Lauren's Summary

            2. Donaldson Hanna et al. (2014)Kevin's Summary

            3. Ernst et al. (2010)James' Summary


Class 3: February 9 (held on February 10): Crater and basin populations on the Moon and Mercury



            1. Baker and Head (2013)Hannah's Summary

            2. Fassett et al. (2012)Erica's Summary

            3. Pike and Spudis (1987)Dan's Summary


Holiday (Long Weekend): February 16:  No Class


Class 4: February 23:  Crater to basin transition on Earth



            1. Grieve et al. (2008)Mike's Summary

            2. Wünnemann et al (2005) - David's Summary

            3. Gulick et al. (2013)Vivian' Summary

            Bill Bottke's NAI Director's Seminar Series talk recorded and found here.

            Others (Not Required): Osinski et al. (2005) – Haughton impact structure


Class 5: March 2: Impact melting and scaling

*Research paper topics due!* Please come prepared to briefly describe your proposed research topic to the class.



            1. Cintala and Grieve (1998)Kevin' Summary

            2. Pierazzo and Melosh (2000)David's Summary

            3. Vaughan et al. (2013)James' Summary

            Others (Not Required): Vaughan and Head (2014) and Hurwitz and Kring (2014) – SPA melt sheet


Class 6: March 9: Type examples on the Moon and Mercury: Complex craters and peak-ring basins



            1. Dhingra et al. (2013)Erica's Summary

            2. Kramer et al. (2013) - Connor's Summary

            3. Prockter et al. (2010)Lauren's Summary


LPSC 46: March 16: No Class


Spring Recess: Week of March 23: No Class


Class 7: March 30: Type examples on the Moon and Mercury: Multi-ring basins



            1. Nahm et al. (2013)Dan's Summary

            2. Garrick-Bethell and Zuber (2009)Hannah's Summary

            3. Ernst et al. (2015)Vivian's Summary


Class 8: April 6: Hydrocode Modeling 1: Intro to the models and examples



            1. Pierazzo and Collins (2004) - Kevin's Summary

            2. Pierazzo et al. (2008) - James' Summary

            3. Melosh and Ivanov (1999) - David's Summary


Class 9: April 13: Hydrocode Modeling 2: SPA examples



            Collins and Melosh (2004) and Hammond et al. (2009) - Mike's Summary

            Schultz and Crawford (2011) - Lauren's Summary

            Wieczorek et al. (2012) - Erica's Summary

            Useful comparison paper: Potter et al. (2012) SPA


Class 10: April 20: Gravity structure of craters and basins: New models for the formation of Mascon Basins



            Collins (2014) - James' Summary

            Freed et al. (2014) - Dan's Summary

            Mohit and Phillips (2006) - David's Summary

            Others (not required): Melosh et al. (2013)


Class 11: April 27: Mega-scale impact basins



Andrews-Hanna et al. (2014) - Lauren's Summary

Marinova et al. (2008) - Mike's Summary

Nimmo et al. (2008) - Kevin's Summary

Useful companion paper: Andrews-Hanna et al. (2008)

Martian southern hemisphere giant impact!?!?!: Leone et al. (2014)


Class 12: May 4:  Report on GRL-style term papers.