Geo016 - Exploration of Mars

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Geo016 / Exploration of Mars / (M) 3:00-5:20 / Lincoln Field 105 / Prof. James Head

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Josef Tallo (02/04/04)

My name is Josef Tallo, and I am originally from Providence, RI. I graduated from Hope High School, which is just down the street. I am planning to major in Business Economics and possibly to go on to graduate school to get my MBA. I have always been interested in astronomy and the idea of life outside earth and our solar system. I cannot say that I have much of a background in the area of astronomy in terms of academics, except for an elective called current science, which I took in high school that covered many of the current issues in the world at the present time.

I am really excited about taking this class, and ever since I first read the class description, I knew that I had to take it. The idea of being able to participate first-hand in the exploration of Mars is just overwhelming. This is a big chance for me to be able to participate in some of the things that I would normally only read about. I really look forward to being able to participate in conversations with the astronauts and the Brown grads because these people are our primary source of information for their experience and their leading roles in the exploration and research of other planets. One other reason why I believe that this is a good class for me is because I have always been one to constantly ask “why”. I believe that one can learn a great deal from the opinions of others, as well as get a broader perspective on things. Seeking knowledge is a life-long pursuit, which should not have to be bounded by another's imagination.

I am really anxious about coming to class and listening to what others have to share, as well as sharing my opinions and beliefs. I believe that everyone has something to contribute regardless of his or her intellectual background. I hope to provide my fellow classmates with enthusiasm and a greater thirst for knowledge. I am hoping that everyone will be motivated to ask why and be open with his or her ideas and beliefs.

I am hoping that I and many of the other students taking this class will leave with a greater appreciation for the exploration of space altogether. I am sure that by the end of this class my interest in space exploration and the pursuit of finding life on other planets will have grown to a much more active level. I am really hoping that in having my many questions presented, I will get the perspective of others in an attempt to give me a wider imagination of the possibilities.

One of the things in the course outline that I am more interested in is: The question of life on Mars: From bacteria to civilization. I find it extremely interesting how there can be life on other planets whose living conditions are far from what we traditionally know as habitable. The idea that some organisms can live in extremely cold and hot temperatures and do not need water to survive is just amazing. One topic that we are going to discuss that I am very interested in learning more about is Brown's history and role in the exploration of Mars. I am really excited about all of the topics that are going to be covered, but specific topics that peak my interest would be the Martian Meteorites, The exploration of Mars in the 21 st century, Mars on Earth, The future Mars exploration program, and, of course, the Science Conference and using CAVE.
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