Research Projects

Land-use influences on Sudanian landscape-scale vegetation change Burkina Faso, West Africa:
We are striving to untangle the physical, demographic, and political drivers in changing patterns of vegetation under the influence of exclusive grazing use, intense agricultural use, and mixed uses in Sudanian West Africa.
Environmental Change in the Great Basin:
Understanding land cover change in semi-arid environments is critical because they contain unique, fragile ecosystems, take a long time to recover from damage, and cover up to 1/3 of land surfaces. The Great Basin, US, is a dynamic system of ecological communities that respond to human land use, both past and present, as well as natural climate variability. Our challenge is to understand how land cover change today reflects both natural and anthropogenic influence.
55 Years of Land-Use/land cover Change in Israel:
We are using maps, satellite data, and statistical archives to track rates of development of open spaces in Israel. Further, we are assessing the environmental and ecological impact of these changes historically, and building models to assess future impacts.
A History of Population Change in New England, 1790 - 2000:
Environmental & Socio-Economic Influences on the Spatial Distribution of People
Historical Land Use Change in Grafton County, NH:
Using extensive historical and present-day land use/cover data, we explore the linkages between past and present land use decisions their impacts on the northern forest ecosystem and the services it provides.
  Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Development in Peru; Compatible Goals?
  Drivers of surface thermal change in Southern New England using Landsat thermal infrared




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