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Peter H. Schultz
Publications CV

GEOL 0160 Chicken Little or Armageddon? Past and Future Cosmic Threats
Explore the probability of the next impact on the Earth and assess the possible consequences through historic times (incidents), folklore/legends, examples in recent geological time (last 10 million years), and the catastrophic consequences 65 million years ago. Strategies for searching and possible mitigation of the next "big one" will be considered. This seminar will explore the realities of various predictions, consider public policy, investigate strategies for prevention, and assess the role of the press in shaping perceptions. Freshmen Seminar.

GEOL 0810 Planetary Geology
Geology of solid planets. Focuses on a mission to Mars through an understanding of processes that shape planetary surfaces. Terrestrial analogs, conceptual models, and laboratory simulations are used as reality checks. Integration of these processes through time reveals the geologic evolution of the planets. Three lectures and one discussion session per week. Prerequisite: GEOL 0010 or 0050 or 0220 or written permission.

GEOL 2880 Planetary Cratering
Impact cratering affects nearly every solid-body object in the solar system. A major impact can produce relief comparable to the highest terrestrial mountains in just a few minutes. Course assesses the impact cratering process and record in different planetary environments, at different scales, and at different times. Offered alternate years. Written permission required.