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Peter H. Schultz
Publications CV

Through the years, Pete's research has focused on impact cratering. He is currently developing a new technology (Impact Flash) to determine surface compositions of planets and asteroids in conjunction with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is also investigating the impact record in Argentina as a means to understand the chronostratigraphy of sedimentary sequences. His research on the effect of impact trajectory on crater structure has implications for the regional ecological stress created by terrestrial impacts. He is using the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range to understand new scaling relations for different conditions of impact and energy partitioning. His laboratory recreations of hypervelocity impact and high strain-rate experiments will help him assess the effects of atmosphere on emplacement of crater ejecta as a means to probe the Martian crust. Along those same lines, he is investigating the generation, dispersal, survival, and evidence for impact glass deposits on Mars and the processes affecting the synthesis and survival of organics during hypervelocity. Pete is Co-Investigator on the extremely successful NASA Discovery Mission, Deep Impact, and much of his time is now spent on the analysis of data from that mission.