Spring 2017 Planetary Noon Seminars
All talks take place in Lincoln Field room 209 from 12:00-1:00pm, unless otherwise noted.
All are welcome

January 26
Jack Mustard, Kevin Cannon, Mike Bramble
Mars 2020 Landing Site Workshop Site Discussions

February 2
Terik Daly
The meteoritic signature at the Clearwater craters: Insights from osmium isotopes

February 9
Ralph Milliken
From Lakes on Ancient Mars to Explosive Volcanism on the Moon: How Recent Planetary Missions Have Shaped our Understanding of Water in the Solar System

February 16
Kevin Cannon
Primoridal clays on Mars

February 23
Alyssa Pascuzzo
Mineralogic nature of ridge networks and their host unit in Nili Fossae, Mars

March 2
Stephanie Bouchey

March 9
Mike Sori, University of Arizona

March 16
Vivian Sun
Hydrated silica and their formation environments on Mars

March 23
LPSC (no seminar)

March 30
Spring Break (no seminar)

April 6
Alex Evans

April 13
Jesse Tarnas
Subsurface hydrogen production on Mars

April 20
Rachel Sheppard

April 27
Erica Jawin
The volcanic complexes of central Oceanus Procellarum: Aristarchus and Prinz-Harbinger

May 4
Angel Mojarro, MIT
The Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes