Lunar Floor-Fractured Craters

In Jozwiak et al. (2012) we described the morphologic characteristics and distributions of lunar floor-fractured craters.

Here we provide a catalog of lunar floor-fractured craters identified by Jozwiak et al. (2012). Shapefile databases (zip file) are separated by morphologic subclass, as characterized in Jozwiak et al. (2012). The accompanying text files describe the major morphologic features of each subclass, and give an example of a crater that typifies that class:

Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3 - Class 4a - Class 4b - Class 4c - Class 5 - Class 6.

We also provide an Excel file with the crater name, longitude, latitude, diameter, and morphologic subclass.

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Reference: Jozwiak, L.M., Head, J.W., Zuber, M.T., Smith, D.E., Neumann, G.A. (2012) Lunar floor-fractured craters: classification, distribution, origin and implications for magmatism and shallow crustal structure. JGR 117, E11005, doi: 10.1029/2012JE004134.