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Courses 2007-2009

GE0005 Mars, Moon, and the Earth
Fall 2006
Space exploration has revealed an astonishing array of surface features on the planets and their satellites. Why are atmospheres on the planets different from Earth's atmosphere? Do other planets represent our past or future environment? Is there life on other planets? The planets and their histories are compared to gain insight and a new perspective on planet Earth. LL
GE0005 S01 Exam Group: 07 Instructor(s): J. W. Head
M.,W.,F. 2:00- 2:50 PM (G Hour) MacMillan Hall 117

GE0081 Planetary Geology
Spring 2007
Geology of solid planets. Focuses on a mission to Mars through an understanding of processes that shape planetary surfaces. Terrestrial analogs, conceptual models, and laboratory simulations are used as reality checks. Integration of these processes through time reveals the geologic evolution of the planets. Three lectures and one discussion session per week. Prerequisite: GE 1 or 5 or 22 or written permission. LL
GE0081 S01 Exam Group: 07 Instructor(s): P. H. Schultz
M.,W.,F. 2:00- 2:50 PM (G Hour) Location not yet assigned

GE0133 Global Environmental Remote Sensing
Spring 2007
Introduction to physical principles of remote sensing across electromagnetic spectrum and application to the study of Earth's systems (oceans, atmosphere, and land). Topics: interaction of light with materials, imaging principles and interpretation, methods of data analysis. Laboratory work in digital image analysis, classification, and multi-temporal studies. One field trip to Block Island. Prerequisites: MA 9, 10; PH 6; background courses in natural sciences; or permission of the instructor.
GE0133 S01 Exam Group: 10 Instructor(s): J. F. Mustard
T.,Th. 1:00- 2:20 PM (J Hour) Location not yet assigned

GE0171 Remote Sensing of Earth and Planetary Surfaces

Fall 2006
Geologic applications of remotely sensed information derived from interaction of electromagnetic radiation (X-ray, gamma-ray, visible, near-IR, mid-IR, radar) with geologic materials. Applications emphasize remote geochemical analyses for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments. Several spectroscopy and image processing labs. Prerequisites: GE 23; PH 6 or equivalent; or permission of the instructor.
GE0171 S01 Exam Group: 06 Instructor(s): C. M. Pieters
M.,W.,F. 1:00- 1:50 PM (F Hour) Lincoln Field 105

GE0233 Advanced Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems
Fall 2007
Strategies and the physical principles behind the quantitative extraction of geophysical and biophysical measurements from remotely sensed data. Advanced methods of digital image processing and data integration. Introduction to Geographical Imaging Systems (GIS) and methods of integrating remotely sensed data into a GIS framework. Prerequisites: GE 133 or 171; MA 10; PH 6; or instructor permission.
GE0233 S01 Exam Group: See instructor. Instructor(s): J. F. Mustard; Lincoln Field 105
Time: Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00

GE0281 Planetary Science Seminar
Spring 2007
Focus on several areas of new research and current topics not necessarily covered in the core curriculum but of interest and importance to planetary scientists. Emphasis on critical evaluation of ideas, approach, results, and implications. Example topics include extra-solar-system planets, sample return issues, unanswered questions about Mercury, Pluto, etc.
GE0281 S01 Exam Group: 14 Instructor(s): C. M. Pieters
W. 3:00- 5:20 PM (N Hour) Location not yet assigned

GE0286 Planetary Volcanology
Spring 2008
An examination of volcanism using observations of features and deposits on planetary bodies, comparing them to predictions from the theory of magma ascent and emplacement. Attention to the influence of different variables (e.g. gravity, composition, temperature, pressure, and atmospheric effects). The history of planetary volcanism, its relation to thermal evolution, and comparative planetary volcanology are also addressed. Prerequisites: GE 142 or equivalent; or permission of the instructor. Offered alternate years.
GE0286 S01 Exam Group: 11 Instructor(s): J. W. Head
T.,Th. 2:30- 3:50 PM (K Hour) Location not yet assigned

GE0287 Planetary Evolution
Spring 2007
Characteristics of one or more planetary bodies are examined to illustrate critical geological problems related to planetary formation and evolution. The surface and interior are examined, as well as global geologic mapping and spacecraft data. Prerequisites: GE 142, 145, and 171, or instructor's permission. May be repeated for credit.
GE0287 S01 Exam Group: 06 Instructor(s): C. M. Pieters
M.,W.,F. 1:00- 1:50 PM (F Hour) Location not yet assigned

GE0291 Problems in Antarctic Dry Valley Geoscience

Fall 2006
The Antarctic Dry Valleys represent an extreme hyperarid polar desert environment. Their geomorphology records the range of processes operating in these environments, preserving a record of climate change over millions of years. Major microenvironments are studied at the micro-, meso-, and macro-scale through literature review, field analyses, and research projects. Exobiological themes and climate change on Mars will be assessed. Written permission required.
GE0291 S06 Exam Group: 13 Instructor(s): J. W. Head
M. 3:00- 5:20 PM (M Hour) Lincoln Field 105