Spring Semester 2017 Geological Sciences Colloquia
Thursdays 4:00PM MacMillan 115 (unless otherwise noted)
All are welcome


January 26
Andrew Newman, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Slip, sliding away: unprecedented imaging of earthquake slip behavior “

January 31
Colleen Dalton, Brown Univ.ersity

February 02
Sonya Legg, Princeton Univ.ersity
“Ocean mixing by breaking internal tides”

February 06
Deborah Khider, University of Southern California
“The future of past climates: Earthcube and 21st century paleoclimatology”

February 09
Career Day

February 16
Andrew Revkin, Pace Univ.ersity and New York Times
“Seeking a good path in the Anthropocene”

February 23
Samantha Stevenson, National Center for Atmospheric Research
“Extreme El Nino events and climate change”

March 02
Jennifer Marlon, Yale University

March 09
Jessica Conroy, University Illinois
“Climate signals in stable water isotopologues across the tropical Pacific”

March 16
Mary-Louise Timmermans, Yale University
“Dynamics of the Arctic Ocean”

March 23
Olivier Bachmann, ETH-Zurich,

March 30
Spring Break (no colloquium)

April 06
Mary Jane Perry, University of Maine
“Big ocean, few ships: using robots to assess ocean primary productivity in remote areas and under the ice”

April 13
Mutch Lecture,
Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Arizona State University

April 20
Keith Julien, University of Colorado-Boulder

April 27
Clara Deser, National Center for Atmospheric Research

May 4
Stephanie Dutkiewicz, MIT,