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Our Brown/MIT NLSI node is jointly hosted by Brown University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by faculty who share a long history of science interactions.  Our combined team began with 19 Co-investigators and 12 named Collaborators from 9 institutions, including 6 active foreign collaborators. The principal objective of our NLSI Team has been to establish a center of excellence for lunar science that will not only produce the next generation of knowledgeable and qualified lunar scientists, attract some of the best minds into the field, and keep them involved, but also lay the groundwork for future exploration. Our integrated implementation plan is specifically designed to accomplish this while creating the environment for active interaction of some of the top scientists involved in lunar research along with their students. The components central to our NLSI team are illustrated in the figure below and include four specific science themes that build on our strengths, four implementation pillars that form our integrated implementation plan, and a strong infrastructure of laboratories and facilities that support these lunar science activities. Productivity enabled by NLSI continues to grow.

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