Shapefile / Database of Crater >= 20 km on the Moon from LOLA data

Data from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter instrument has been used to construct a new database of large lunar craters; first results from this dataset were described by Head et al., 2010 in Science as well as a 2011 LPSC abstract that describes collection of this data further: Kadish et al., 2011.

Here, we provide a shapefile of the crater database:

Alternatively, the data are available as a tabular csv file with longitude, latitude and diameter for the craters mapped in this dataset: LolaLargeLunarCraterCatalog.csv

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References (Please cite if you use this data):

Head, J.W., C.I. Fassett, S.J. Kadish, D.E. Smith, M.T. Zuber, G.A. Neumann, and E. Mazarico (2010), Global distribution of large lunar craters: Implications for resurfacing and impactor populations, Science, 329, 1504-1507, doi:10.1126/science.1195050.

Kadish, S.J, C.I. Fassett, J.W. Head, D.E. Smith, M.T. Zuber, G.A. Neumann, and E. Mazarico (2011), A global catalog of large lunar crater (≥20 KM) from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter, Lunar Plan. Sci. Conf., XLII, abstract 1006.