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Higher Education Student Programs

In addition to our support of Fellows and Scholars research, we have special programs for short-term research enhancement of special projects for both graduate students and undergraduates. One goal behind this support is to encourage these students to continue in their space-related fields and to help guide them into science, math, and technology related careers within NASA, higher education, or industry.

The undergraduate enhancement programs include direct grants and matching Brown UTRA grants, as well as providing stipends for RI students accepted as summer interns at various NASA centers or programs.

We also fund student travel to professional meetings and special activities or opportunities for undergraduate students that would be otherwise impossible without this funding.

Faculty and researchers are supported through our higher education programs as well.

Seed funding for start-up research projects, support for student assistants, funding to develop new undergraduate-level courses, and travel costs for professional meetings are competed for through our faculty level programs.

"Space Trips" Program

Co-Funds trips to develop hands-on experience and understanding. Encourages undergraduates to experience and immerse themselves in scientific field work, to define their career goals, and to discover the fun of science. Past trips have included week-long classroom field studies of Martian analogs in Arizona and environmental effects on the health of coral reefs in Florida.

W.I.S.E. Space Grant Partnership Program

Encourages Women in Science and Engineering at Brown University by enabling grant proposals, interactive projects, and co-funded "women in science" activities. Joint activity with NSF-funded, Brown co-funded project made possible, in part, by Space Grant leveraging.

Undergraduate Professional Interaction Enhancement Program

Supports travel for undergraduates to attend scientific meetings.

Undergraduate Research Enhancement Program

Enables undergraduate science students to experience a research project with a faculty member in their field through direct and matching grants. Also provides a stipend for RI students accepted as summer interns at various NASA centers or NASA Academy programs (if resources are available).

Visiting Lecturers Program

Enhances the number of visiting lecturers that can be brought to RI campuses by contributing co-funding with other departments or university groups to make it possible for top science lecturers to come to the university.